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Almost all businesses suffered during the Coronavirus crisis and the Viennese sex market is no exception. It took almost half a year until the situation became good enough so that the government could lift most of the regulations holding back the market.

Since July 1st, Vienna brothels and sex clubs have got a green light, allowing them to welcome their clients again. This applies to all of the adult establishments available in the city. Thousands of women are ready to visit the doctor for the required health check so that they can get their green card.

Vienna has Changed a Lot during the COVID-19 Pandemic

No adult establishments were allowed to work during the Coronavirus crisis. This was a decision made by the government with the goal to hinder the spread of the virus. The staff and the women that have worked in these establishments became unemployed.

On one hand, this greatly reduced the spread of the virus in Vienna. On the other hand, the Vienna sex scene was completely dead – or at least the legal part of it. Unemployed sex workers had to find a way to work. Illegal prostitution seemed to be the only choice for many of them.

Vienna Night Club Maxim Wien
one of the most famous Night Clubs in Vienna, Maxim Wien

If you want to learn more about the issues caused by the new Coronavirus laws, read the following article:

There is another article about allowing sex workers to take health checks for sex work in Vienna. After all, checking women for STDs is an essential part of legal prostitution. During the COVID lockdown, these tests were not available. The latest information about these health checks are available in the following article:

Adult Establishments in Vienna can Open Again in July

It has been stated officially that brothels and sex clubs in Vienna are allowed to open their doors from July 1st. This information has been in the air since a couple of weeks before it being stated officially. Read the original article about it here:

This also means that women who want to continue working in the legal prostitution scene can travel back to Vienna. Of course, they will need to go through health checks before they can start working. Viennese brothels are expected to welcome their clients with a decent lineup of girls.

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