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As the result of the Coronavirus regulations, various problems emerged in the Vienna paysex scene. Many of these restrictions have already lifted and adult establishments have opened their doors on July 1st. However, the sex scene still can’t get back to normal.

COVID restrictions have only increased the demand for illegal prostitution. There is a huge number of illegally operated apartments in function in Vienna right now. But that’s not all…

Women Can’t Work without a Legal Certificate

Since we are talking about legal prostitution in Vienna, women need to get a certificate before they re-join the brothel they are working at. Without a Green Card, no one knows whether they are infected with COVID or not.

There is only one institution in Vienna that can give out these documents. They simply can’t handle 3000 women that fast, so the waiting list is quite long. Giving out 60 green cards per day is the best they can do. This means that some of the sex workers need to wait 2 or 3 months until they get their card.

Not all of the requests are accepted either. The institution behind this is systematically cancelling requests from foreign women. They have no other choice but to start working illegally.

45 Apartments Raided and Exposed by the Police

The Viennese police is busy raiding illegally operated apartments all the time. They have found 45 such apartments so far where women offered sexual services illegally. The internet was an ideal place for these women to advertise their services.

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On top of that, these apartments were mostly used by tourists who visited Vienna. These tourists were not present due to the pandemic, which is why these women took the opportunity to work there. Once they were found, they had to suffer the consequences.

There were 197 reports filed by the police so far. These reports affected both the women working there and the owners of these apartments who allowed them to work there.

These women were mostly Bulgarian, Hungarian and Romanian prostitutes between the ages of 21 and 40.


Unfortunately, the fact that sexclubs, laufhauses and brothels in Vienna can open their doors from July 1st doesn’t mean that the scene is the same as before. Women that want to continue working as prostitutes in Vienna have to wait. While they are waiting, they are not earning any money.

They are forced to make ends meet by taking these illegal opportunities. Once they are caught, they need to pay even more than the amount they have earned. Nonetheless, illegal prostitution is their only option right now.

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