A dangerous international loverboy gang got shut down by the Viennese, Great Britainian and Romanian police. With the combination of their law enforcement agencies, they were able to set free many women who got lured in by these loverboys.

They were all young women who got took advantage of their insecurity. This is how they got into illegal prostitution, helping the gang accumulate millions of Euros in profit.

What is the Loverboy Method Exactly?

People called loverboys use a popular method to find insecure women and force them into working for them as prostitutes. They are usually charming guys who promise a lot to these women and buy them gifts as well. The end goal is to sell the woman in some other country for illegal prostitution.

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These women are only looking for security and love, but it is all a dirty lie. It begins with the promise of profitable work outside the country. This lures the girl into leaving her country and going after the job.

They arrive there with big hopes. However, there is no such job awaiting them. Loverboys immediately take away their passports and force them to have sex with strangers for money.

One of the Biggest European Loverboy Gangs

We know from reliable sources that the gang in question has years of experience forcing women into illegal prostitution. In fact, most of their victims had to work in Vienna. Their targets were women between 18-40 of age.

There were trades going on between different gangs, selling some of these women for up to 8,000 Euros. It was back in 2012 when it became apparent that this gang exists and it ran prostitutes in three countries.

It was about time for the Romanian police to raid 16 houses. There, they have found and arrested 22 suspects. A few of them were the leaders of their Vienna branch. Of course, they have accumulated an insane amount of luxury cars, jewels, weapons, cash and other commodities.

Meanwhile, two suspects were took to custody with the strong suspicion that they are linked to the gang. The whole operation of this loverboy gang was hidden between a gold-trading business. They have also used their connections in Turkey, Germany, Austria, Cyprus, Romania and Switzerland since 2012.

One of their crimes included running counterfeit British pounds in the market. The total profit they have got out of it was about 1,100,000 Euros.

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